CR8DL Enables New Age Biochemistry Research

A graduate-level biochemistry class at a top research institution was seeking to provide its students with a more advanced hands-on experience. With advancements in data analysis in the biochemical and biological sciences, the availability of compute resources has become a limiting factor. The class was heavily reliant on DeepMind’s Alphafold, an artificial intelligence (AI) program for predicting protein structure. Alphafold requires significant CPU, GPU, and memory resources to function, which surpassed the capabilities of the institution’s on-premises hardware.

To address this challenge, the institution approached CR8DL for a simple and scalable solution to support Alphafold. CR8DL provided the institution with a tailored solution that enabled students to easily access and gain hands-on experience with Alphafold. cr8dl scaled the resources to support all students in the class and provided Alphafold-specific containers, allowing students to focus on their research without worrying about the infrastructure.

By partnering with CR8DL, the institution was able to provide its students with the cutting-edge resources needed to advance their research and understanding of protein structure prediction. This not only helped the students to achieve their academic goals but also showcased the institution’s commitment to providing its students with the latest and most advanced technologies. With CR8DL’s flexible and scalable solutions, institutions can easily access the resources needed to achieve their research goals, and offer their students hands-on experience with the latest AI and HPC technologies.