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Scientists can use CR8DL AI Cloud to access AlphaFold2, an artificial intelligence tool that predicts protein structures. CR8DL offers no-code HPC workspaces for molecular biology use cases, including AlphaFold2, with a focus on accelerating discovery in the life sciences. For example, a research institution faced the challenge of limited access to computing resources for graduate biochemistry students who were extensively using AlphaFold2. CR8DL proposed a simple and scalable solution for students to access and gain hands-on experience with AlphaFold2, configuring its resources to support the entire class and providing AlphaFold2-specific containers. This allowed the students to focus on their research without worrying about the technical details of the infrastructure.

Generative AI

Engineers can use CR8DL AI Cloud for Generative AI by leveraging the platform’s no-code HPC workspaces in the Explore product. The Explore product provides use case-specific tools for AI, including generative models. Engineers can select a pre-configured container with their preferred deep learning framework, such as TensorFlow or PyTorch, and run their generative AI experiments on the platform’s high-performance computing infrastructure. They can easily scale up or out their experiments using the Base and Scale products, which allows for flexible subscription options and live engineering support.

For example, an engineering team working on developing a new generative art project could use CR8DL AI Cloud to run their experiments efficiently. They could choose a pre-configured container with TensorFlow, launch an instance in the Explore product’s generative AI workspace, and start training their model on the platform’s high-performance computing infrastructure. As their experiment progresses, they can leverage the Base product’s GPU on-demand service to increase their available compute resources, allowing them to iterate faster and produce higher quality results. The engineering team can also move the trained model to Scale to serve model results at scale and rely on the expert engineering support available through the platform to troubleshoot any issues they encounter during their experiment.

Large Scale Image Processing

Medical researchers can use the CR8DL AI Cloud along with Aizen; a web-based, high-performance computing application designed for large-scale image processing. Together, they offer a powerful solution for researchers and businesses that require fast and efficient image processing capabilities.

Medical researchers often deal with large sets of medical images, such as MRI, thin section or micro-CT scans, that need to be processed quickly and accurately to aid in cancer diagnosis and drug development. With Aizen and the CR8DL AI Cloud, researchers can upload their image data to the cloud and use Aizen’s bespoke GPU compute algorithms to process the images in seconds, reducing the time it takes to analyze and extract meaningful information from the images.

In addition, Aizen’s visualization capabilities allow researchers to view 2D, 2.5D, and soon, 3D images through a web browser, making it easier to analyze and interpret the data. The CR8DL AI Cloud’s scalability also enables multiple researchers to collaborate on a single data set, further speeding up the research process and allowing for more informed decisions.

Overall, the combination of Aizen and the CR8DL AI Cloud offers a powerful solution for medical researchers and other businesses dealing with large-scale image processing. With faster processing times, enhanced visualization capabilities, and the ability to collaborate with others, researchers can gain insights into complex medical problems and make informed decisions that can ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Enterprise AI

A technologist can use CR8DL AI Cloud and its Explore and Scale products for NVIDIA Enterprise AI to accelerate their AI development and training processes. With pre-configured AI and machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MXNet, researchers can quickly launch AI and machine learning models and conduct deep learning experiments with ease. The Base and Scale product enabling users to scale up or scale out their AI applications and models. Additionally, the platform’s no-code AI workspaces make it easy for users to access and utilize high-performance computing resources without worrying about the complexities of supercomputing. With the platform’s expert support and documentation, technologists can rapidly provision and deploy AI and machine learning workloads, ultimately accelerating their research and development efforts.


CR8DL Cloud GPU On-Demand can be used by engineers for modeling and simulation (ModSim) tasks such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), and molecular dynamics simulations. The AI Cloud provides high-performance computing resources that can handle the intensive computational requirements of ModSim.

For example, an engineering firm may need to conduct a CFD analysis of a new product design to understand fluid dynamics and optimize performance. With CR8DL’s AI Cloud, the firm can quickly spin up a no-code workspace in the Explore product tailored for ModSim, and access the necessary frameworks and accelerated hardware such as NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate their simulations. The firm can scale up or scale out computing resources using the Base product, depending on the size and complexity of their simulations, while leveraging the platform’s expert support for guidance and optimization. By using CR8DL’s, the engineering firm can significantly reduce simulation time, optimize product designs and accelerate time-to-market.


A bank can use CR8DL for Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) simulation and testing, which is a regulatory exercise that evaluates the capital adequacy of large financial institutions. By leveraging CR8DL’s powerful computing capabilities, the bank can perform complex financial modeling and stress testing scenarios that require significant computational resources.

For example, a bank can use CR8DL to simulate different economic scenarios and assess the impact on its capital position, liquidity, and risk management. The bank can also use CR8DL’s cloud to perform stress tests that evaluate the impact of severe market disruptions on its balance sheet and financial performance.

Using CR8DL, banks can significantly reduce the time and resources required to perform CCAR simulation and testing, enabling them to make better-informed decisions and comply with regulatory requirements more efficiently. Additionally, CR8DL’s expert support team is available to assist banks with any issues they encounter while using the HPC cloud for CCAR simulation and testing, ensuring a seamless and productive research experience.

Quantum Simulation

In materials science, the process of discovering new materials with specific properties is a time-consuming and expensive task. With the rise of quantum computing, researchers now have the opportunity to significantly accelerate this process. However, quantum computing is still in its early stages and has limited capabilities in comparison to classical computing.
This is where a hybrid classical and quantum computing solution using CR8DL AI Cloud Quantum Workspace comes in. The Quantum Workspace provides access to a variety of quantum computing platforms. By combining the power of both classical and quantum computing, researchers can speed up the discovery process while still leveraging the strengths of each approach.

For example, in the search for new materials for renewable energy applications, researchers can use the Quantum Workspace to simulate the behavior of complex molecules and test different scenarios. The quantum computing capabilities can help explore the properties of these molecules in a way that would be impossible with classical computing alone, while the classical computing resources can handle the data analysis and post-processing.

With the hybrid classical and quantum computing solution provided by CR8DL AI Cloud Quantum Workspace, materials science researchers can significantly accelerate the discovery of new materials with specific properties, leading to advancements in fields such as renewable energy, electronics, and medicine.

Using our traditional solution we had to spend up to 30% of our time configuring our environment but working with CR8DL that was minimized and we were able to focus on our research results.

— R1 Research University

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