Providing Better AI Prediction Models

A leading public university recognized the potential of AI to enhance the performance and accuracy of its prediction models for 3-dimensional structures. However, they faced limitations in terms of compute and storage resources and the traditional channels to acquire them would take 8-12 months of planning and execution.

That’s when they turned to cr8dl for a solution. With its cutting-edge services, cr8dl was able to accelerate the development of the solution and deliver insights faster. The researchers were able to access the high-performance computing resources they needed without the delays associated with traditional procurement channels.

The solution that cr8dl delivered exceeded the researchers’ expectations, generating unprecedented insights that could be applied across a range of data to refine development and planning. The new models proved highly accurate in their predictions, outperforming previously tested traditional analyses. In fact, the accuracy of the predictions jumped almost 40%, which is a significant achievement that will accelerate future learning and ensure future grants.

By leveraging cr8dl’s services, the university was able to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the latest advancements in AI and HPC. They were able to access the high-performance computing resources they needed without the delays and limitations of traditional channels. As a result, they were able to achieve breakthrough results that will have a significant impact on their research and future grant applications.

Overall, cr8dl is committed to empowering researchers and institutions with the high-performance computing resources they need to achieve their goals. With flexible subscription options and the latest GPU technology, cr8dl provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for any organization seeking to harness the power of AI and HPC.