NVIDIA A100 80 GB GPU – Instances Available Now

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Explore our diverse range of innovative products, meticulously designed to address your unique computing needs and drive exceptional results across various domains.

AI Cloud

CR8DL AI Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for AI and computational intensive workloads with its core products Origin, Base, Scale and Explore. Origin provides a web-based control console for easy management for AI resources, while Explore offers no-code, low-code and full-code AI workspaces. Base provides GPU on-demand for scaling up and out AI applications and models launched in Explore.

GPU On-Demand

Introducing CR8DL Cloud GPU On-Demand service, featuring the Nvidia A100 80 GB GPU and HGX/NVLINK in 1x-16xA100 fabrics. With flexible subscription options, secure access, and live engineering support/on-boarding, experience unparalleled acceleration for your computing tasks with dedicated capacity.

Expert Support

CR8DL provides expert support to its subscribers through multiple channels such as email, phone, and online chat. The company has a team of experienced engineers who are available around the clock to provide technical assistance and guidance. The expert support team can assist subscribers with a full array of engineering needs, including software configuration, performance optimization and troubleshooting.

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How do I subscribe to CR8DL?

There are two distinct paths to work with CR8DL: the first is to subscribe to our On-Demand infrastructure services, and the second is to become an annual subscriber to the CR8DL AI Cloud.


What is the CR8DL On-Demand Infrastructure service?

The first On-Demand Infrastructure service is CR8DL Cloud GPU On-Demand. These instances utilizes Nvidia A100 80 GB GPU, HGX, and NVLINK in 1x – 16xA100 configurations to offer ultra-high performance for AI and compute-intensive workloads. The service is hosted in a secure, sustainable, and water-free private data center and comes with high-capacity and redundant network and storage to ensure uninterrupted and reliable service. It also offers flexible subscription options with secure access, live engineering support/on-boarding, and dedicated capacity. Contact us today to reserve.


What is the CR8DL AI Cloud service?

CR8DL AI Cloud is an ideal platform for an individual or organization of scientists, problem-solvers and researchers working on complex problems in fields such as artificial intelligence, analytics, physics, chemistry, genomics, and engineering, among others. With an annual subscription to CR8DL AI Cloud, each user has access to the full suite of CR8DL products, Origin, Explore, Base and Scale delivered via an always available HPC workstation instance on the CR8DL GPU Cluster. Each HPC workstation includes 4x vCPU’s, 1x vGPU (A100/80GB GPU), 26 GB of RAM, 1 TB of local SSD and unlimited internet access. Contact us today to subscribe.

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    Supercharge Your NLP Projects with CR8DL GPU On-Demand Service

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    Accelerate Your Deep Learning Projects with CR8DL GPU On-Demand Service