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Empowering Your Research Journey

CR8DL EXPLORE is designed with researchers in mind, offering tailored tools to solve complex problems efficiently.

Get Back To Research

Free your research teams from the technical complexities of HPC, allowing them to concentrate on advancing your organization's mission and achieving strategic objectives.

No/Low/High-Code Tools

Accelerate innovation with our array of tools including Jupyter Notebooks, VS Code IDE, use case-specific tools and more.

Powered By AI GPUs

Workspaces are equipped with high-performance AI Accelerator GPUs, ready for use.

Private Data Center

Our resources are securely housed in private data centers, eliminating the need for you to build, manage, or maintain your own facilities, ensuring data safety and operational continuity.

Scalable Digital Infrastructure

Adapt effortlessly with our scalable solutions tailored for any organization size. Enjoy access to AI GPU Cloud services and Virtual Data Center capabilities that grow with your needs.

use case

Orchestrating Cloud-Supported Workspaces For A Computational Biochemistry Course At ASU

Our innovative Jupyter notebook interface revolutionized an undergraduate biochemistry course at ASU. Tailored for students with limited HPC experience, we assisted them with performing AlphaFold computations, ensuring seamless learning and continuous improvements for educational excellence.

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grants & Funding

Streamline Your Grant/Funding Proposals With CR8DL

Our EXPLORE platform eliminates the need to detail complex computational infrastructure in your proposals. CR8DL handles all aspects of the HPC environment, from state-of-the-art GPUs and high-performance storage to preconfigured containers with a wide array of essential research tools and software libraries.

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