Cloud GPU – A100 80GB SXM4 GPUs

Top Performance, Transparent Flat Rates

Available Now – 1x & 8x NVIDIA A100 80GB SXM4 GPUs

No Hidden Fees

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees, just honest, straightforward pricing for the computing power you need. No charge for data egress.


Powerful Performance

Harness the unparalleled speed and efficiency of the NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU and Tensor Cores, designed to adeptly handle the complexities of your machine learning tasks.


High-Speed Technology

Boost system performance with HGX for AI and HPC workloads and NVLink for high-speed GPU communication.

CR8DL has been very nice to use, absolutely 0 complaints.

— Andrew Kent, Head of Machine Learning, Nextera Robotics

Everything has been perfect and easy to setup. It’s been a breeze.

Machine Learning Engineer

Get Access To A100 80GB SXM4 GPUs Today

AI accelerator GPUs ideal for machine learning engineers, research organizations and enterprises looking for advanced computing resources for their AI and HPC tasks.

Have a unique situation or specific needs? Schedule a personalized call with our expert team and explore how we can tailor our services to meet your requirements. 

Infrastructure Ownership

Data Center

The CR8DL Cloud GPU Services are deployed in a private, secure, sustainable, and water-free data center. Learn more about the value of infrastructure ownership for Cloud GPU providers.

1x-16x A100 80GB Fabric

Scalable Resources

Scale your computing resources with up to a 16x A100 80GB fabric for complex workloads and reliable performance.

Experts That Are Here For You

Receive Hands-On Support

Our team of highly skilled engineers are available to support via email, slack or phone. Ready to help you optimize your infrastructure, troubleshoot issues, and ensure the best possible performance.

Unlock The Future: Reserved H100s

Looking for the next level in GPU power? CR8DL now offers reservation options for the exclusive NVIDIA H100 80GB SXM5 GPUs, alongside our high-performance A100s. Reserve your spot today to stay ahead with next-generation technology.

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Hosted, Dedicated & Custom Clusters

In addition to our Cloud GPU On-Demand service, CR8DL can host and operate your current owned cluster in our private, secure, water-free data center. Providing you lights out operations and the ability to directly connect your current HPC cluster to CR8DL.

CR8DL also delivers dedicated and custom configured on demand services to meet your exacting needs. Every configuration delivered in our private, secure and water-free data center with Expert Engineering Support. We are currently taking reservations for NVIDIA H100 and A100 clusters and can support up to 6MW or 7000x A100 or H100 GPU’s of additional capacity in our data center.

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