Starting Bid – $1.15/GPU/HR


Join our Cloud GPU Auction for a chance to reserve 1-week access to 8x NVIDIA A100 80GB SXM4 GPUs. Submit your bid below to secure top-performance computing power for your projects at your desired price. Good luck!

8x NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU Instances Include

192 vCPUs
32TB NVMe Storage
1 Gbps Internet Access
Ubuntu OS

  • Bidding: Submit your bid in the form below. Bidding is open weekly on Monday at 9 AM (PT) and closes Wednesday at 5 PM (PT).
  • Winners: Will be notified on Thursday to begin profile set up and complete payment.
  • Access: Instances will be passed to the winners from our Solutions Team to begin their 1-week term.

Auction Begins Monday At 9AM (PT):


Auction bids are accepted weekly from Monday at 9 AM (PT) – Wednesday at 5 PM (PT). Check back for bid form.

Proud Dell Technologies Gold Partner

We are proud to partner with Dell Technologies, offering top-of-the-line AI GPUs in our weekly Cloud GPU Auction. Experience the power and reliability of trusted infrastructure to accelerate your discoveries.

Trusted Data Centers

All CR8DL Cloud GPU Services are deployed in a private, secure, and water-free data center.


For more information about our Cloud GPU Auction, explore the FAQs. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us for assistance.

When can I bid?

Bidding for the CR8DL Cloud GPU Auction opens weekly at 9 AM Monday (PT) and closes on Wednesday at 5 PM (PT).

Can I place multiple bids?

Yes, you can bid as many times as you want until the weekly deadline, which is Wednesday at 5 PM (PT). Keep an eye on the site for the current highest bid.

Is the CR8DL Cloud GPU Auction available globally?

No, the CR8DL Cloud GPU Auction is only available in the USA for the time being.

How will I know the current highest bid?

The latest bid will be updated on the site daily, allowing you to see where things stand and continue to bid until Wednesday at 5 PM (PT).

How will winners be contacted?

Winners will be contacted via email and phone by a member of the CR8DL Solutions Team on Thursdays.

How will winners receive access to their instances?

Winner will be contacted by a Solutions Engineer to set-up their profile and complete payment. Instance access will be given the following Monday for the 1-week term.

If a winner fails to set up their profile and complete the 1-week full payment by Friday at 5 PM (PT) , they forfeit their instances to the next highest bidder.

How do I manage my instances?

Users will manage their instances through the CR8DL portal, Origin

How long do I have my instances for?

Winners will have access to their instances from Monday at 9 AM (PT) through the following Monday at 8 AM (PT).

Please note that once the term ends, your instance will be destroyed, and all data contained within it will be permanently deleted. We highly recommend that you download and save any data you need before the end of your term.

How is the total cost calculated?

The winning bid will determine the cost per GPU per hour.

This is an 8x configuration auction for NVIDIA A100 80GB GPUs, the total cost will be calculated as $X.XX per GPU, multiplied by 8 GPUs, and then by 167 hours [Monday 9 AM (PT) – Monday 8 AM (PT)].

For example, if the winning bid is $1.50 per GPU per hour, the total cost would be $1.50 * 8 * 167, resulting in a total of $2,004.

Can I extend my access to the instances?

Yes, you can speak with a member of our Solutions Team about our reserved capacity offers, which include weekly, monthly, and 3+ month options.