Our Mission Is To Accelerate Discovery

We engineer and deliver advanced computational cloud services and applications for researchers, original thinkers and problem-solvers to accelerate their discoveries. By accelerating discovery, we can solve human problems faster and more effectively, ultimately leading to a better future.

Meet The Expert Team At CR8DL

George Slessman

Co-Founder & CEO

Bill Slessman

Co-Founder & CTO

Tanya Schneerer

VP, Human Resources

John Weisensee

VP, Solutions Engineer

Andrew Caldwell

VP, Finance & Accounting

Ryan Friedman

Director Of Technology Operations

Dr. Alon Arad

Visiting Scientist

Arun Neelicattu

Head Of Engineering

Paul Gibbins

Product & Design Lead

Chloe Place

Digital Marketing Manager


Principle Software Engineer

Benjamin Sutton

Solutions Engineer