CR8DL: Accelerating Discovery Through Advanced Computational Cloud Services

At CR8DL, our mission is clear: to contribute to the acceleration of discovery. We are passionate about empowering researchers, original thinkers, and problem-solvers with advanced computational cloud services and applications that enable them to accelerate their discoveries. By speeding up the pace of discovery, we believe we can solve human problems faster and more effectively, leading to a better future for all.

Meet The Founders Of cr8dl.ai:

Driving the vision and success of CR8DL are the co-founders, George Slessman and William Slessman. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the technology industry, the Slessman brothers bring a deep understanding of the power of technology to drive innovation and transform industries.

Prior to starting CR8DL, George and William Slessman founded and successfully exited several technology businesses, including IO Data Centers. They grew IO Data Centers into one of the largest data center providers globally, positioning it as a leader in the industry. In 2018, the company was acquired by Iron Mountain for over $1.3 billion, a testament to the Slessman brothers’ entrepreneurial acumen and business success.

With their entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to make a difference, the Slessman brothers embarked on a new venture with the launch of CR8DL. Their mission was to provide accessible, user-defined AI and HPC (High-Performance Computing) solutions that empower researchers and problem solvers to tackle complex problems without compromising on time or resources.

Engineering Technology for Impact:

Throughout their careers, George and William Slessman have engineered technology solutions for over 1,000 enterprises, service providers, and governments. Their expertise has been instrumental in transforming industries and powering organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Reed Elsevier, and the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

By leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience, the Slessman brothers have brought their technology-driven approach to CR8DL, with a focus on delivering cutting-edge computational cloud services and applications. Their goal is to democratize access to supercomputing resources, making them accessible and user-friendly for researchers and problem solvers across various domains.

Empowering Discovery With HPC:

At CR8DL, we are driven by the belief that every breakthrough discovery has the potential to change lives and shape the future. Our founders’ vision, combined with their track record of success, has paved the way for CR8DL to become a trusted partner in accelerating discovery.

Through our advanced computational cloud services, researchers can unlock the power of AI and HPC to tackle complex problems, drive innovation, and make groundbreaking discoveries. We provide the tools, resources, and expertise needed to overcome the challenges of today and unlock the possibilities of tomorrow.

As we continue on our mission to contribute to the acceleration of discovery, CR8DL stands at the forefront of innovation and technology. With the guidance of our visionary founders, George and William Slessman, we are committed to empowering researchers, original thinkers, and problem-solvers with accessible and user-defined AI and HPC solutions.

Together, we are shaping a future where discoveries happen faster, problems are solved more effectively, and the world becomes a better place through the power of advanced computational cloud services. Schedule a demo and let us accelerate the impact of your groundbreaking work.