Empowering Research And Innovation: Why Meet With CR8DL At SC23?

As the tech community gears up for SC23 this week, the anticipation within our team at CR8DL is tangible. SC23 isn’t just another event in the HPC and cloud computing industry; it’s a beacon of innovation and collaboration, attracting a diverse and passionate crowd of professionals. This year, we’re looking forward to being part of what promises to be one of the largest SC conferences yet..

Our Offerings At SC23 – At CR8DL, we are on a mission to accelerate discovery by making the power of supercomputing accessible right through your browser. Our AI Cloud offers unified, computationally intensive workspaces designed to empower organizations across various sectors, catering to AI, machine learning, HPC, and quantum computing.

  • Cloud GPU Offerings – As a core part of our vision to accelerate discovery, CR8DL proudly offers NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU instances. We are also thrilled to announce that reservations are now open for the highly sought-after NVIDIA H100 80GB GPUs. These state-of-the-art resources exemplify our commitment to providing cutting-edge computational power.
  • Explore Workspaces – We understand the need for versatile and powerful computational tools. That’s why our Explore workspaces are designed to cater to a range of applications including molecular biology, quantum simulation, large-image processing, and more. It provides researchers with pre-configured containers for common AI frameworks, significantly speeding up the research, development, and training processes.
  • Collaborative InnovationOur latest collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU) is a testament to CR8DL’s commitment to making high-performance computing accessible. In a joint proof-of-concept project, we deployed a Jupyter notebook-based interface to data center resources for a biochemistry course. This initiative enabled undergraduate students to access large-scale computations for protein structure prediction using AlphaFold software, with minimal prior computing experience.

Connect With Us At SC23 – Our team is enthusiastic about making meaningful connections and staying informed of the latest trends and innovations in the industry. We will be present on the exhibit floor, ready to meet, connect, and discuss how our services can align with your needs. The team attending include:

We are thrilled about the opportunities that SC23 presents and look forward to engaging with the community. Follow us on our social media channels ( LinkedIn | X ) for live updates throughout the conference and don’t forget to schedule a meeting with us to explore how we can assist in accelerating your research and development efforts.