Empowering Research: Arizona State University’s Collaboration With CR8DL

Arizona State University and CR8DL have come together in a thrilling partnership, united by a shared vision for innovation and the acceleration of discovery. Recently, ASU showcased our joint research paper at the PEARC Conference Series workshop titled:

Strategies for Enhancing HPC Education and Training:

Here’s an inside look at the project:

The Audience

Focused on senior-level undergraduate biochemistry students at ASU with limited high-performance computing experience, this collaboration aimed to bridge the gap between complex computational resources and user-friendly interfaces.

The Goal

Our mission was clear: Deploy a Jupyter notebook-based interface to data center resources, facilitating a computationally intensive, semester-length biochemistry course project.

The Project

Students engaged in a repeated prediction of protein structures from mutated sequences, utilizing the Alphafold software on CR8DL’s platform.

The Barriers

Many of the undergraduate biochemistry students had never had exposure to campus cluster computational resources. This lack of experience posed a significant challenge in accessing the necessary tools for their research.

The CR8DL Solution

CR8DL stepped in with a custom solution tailored to fit the purposes of the course. By providing on-demand compute resources and a straightforward interface, we made it easy for students naïve to computer programming to navigate.

George Slessman, CEO of cr8dl.ai, summed up the experience:

“As we collaborated with Arizona State University on a joint proof-of-concept project, we witnessed the immense potential of CR8DL’s cloud platform in accelerating scientific discovery. By providing ASU researchers with easy access to high-performance compute resources, we enabled them to tackle complex computational challenges in biochemistry and beyond. Together, we are accelerating the pace of discovery and fostering innovation in the field of research.”

The success of this partnership underscores the importance of collaboration and innovation in the pursuit of scientific discovery. By removing barriers and facilitating access to critical resources, CR8DL and ASU have laid the groundwork for future advancements in university research.

Interested in diving deeper into our collaboration with Arizona State University? Explore the full paper and discover the details of this exciting project.

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