Our Solutions Team Shares Some Of The Biggest Cloud GPU Provider Roadblocks (And Ways To Overcome Them)

In the dynamic fields of machine learning and Generative AI, startups and engineers face unique challenges with providers in accessing and utilizing Cloud GPU services. We spoke with Ben Sutton from our solutions team at CR8DL to gain insights into these challenges and effective strategies for overcoming them.

Q: What are the most common challenges and pain points you hear from potential and current customers when it comes to Cloud GPU providers?

A: The challenges are diverse but often revolve around several key issues:

  1. Availability: One of the most significant issues we hear about is the difficulty in finding available GPUs when it’s needed. Many major providers display availability on their platforms, but customers often face a different reality once they log in, with extended wait times and limited access to necessary resources due to oversubscription.
  2. Data Migration: We hear time and time again that transferring data between providers is a complex and time-consuming process and to top it off large cloud providers will charge ingress/egress fees often resulting in vendor lock in. This has organizations now facing limited flexibility in their options, stifled innovation and security vulnerabilities. 
  3. Support Gaps: A sad, but real one that we often hear about is the frustration with inadequate support.Timely responsiveness can significantly impact project success, yet it’s frequently lacking from some of the major providers. The slow response time and lack of expertise, while charging premium rates for support services that just cause major headaches and delays, can be frustrating. 
  4. Cost: Customers often struggle to find a balance between accessing high-performance Cloud GPUs and managing their budgets efficiently. The key lies in identifying providers offering transparent pricing without smacking you with hidden fees. We see customers getting charged for RAM, vCPUs, internal storage, data egress and more. None of which is bundled into their initial price. 

Q: What are some of the biggest misconceptions customers have about the Cloud GPU industry and various providers?

A: Customers often come to us with several misconceptions, such as believing that hardware is easy and quick to acquire. Or that the listed price is what they will ultimately pay when comparing platforms, failing to find the hidden fees. There’s also a common belief that options on a provider’s website means the hardware is available to spin up now, which is often not the case. We have come to discover that many cloud GPU providers don’t own their infrastructure, which was very surprising to us. We see immense value in infrastructure ownership

A: We’re seeing and hearing trends like:

  • Alternative GPU Options: NVIDIA has no doubt dominated the GPU market in 2023. However, AI Accelerators from providers such as AMD and Intel are entering the arena in 2024. 
  • Pricing Increases: Everyone is looking for GPUs and hourly price is showcasing that across providers. It’s increasingly valuable to look for contract options, where you and a provider can align on a transparent rate that gives you full access to your instances. We really feel it’s time to run away from the pricing games and get yourself set up with a provider who can support your project needs. 
  • Lead Time Delays: Increasing delays in hardware deliveries are causing delays in project growth. It’s important to look at your existing bandwidth, access your growth strategy and seek providers who can help you get there. There really is a perception vs. reality maze in the Cloud GPU space. 
  • Code Flexibility: The importance of writing accelerator-agnostic code. It’s ideal that code is built to be easily usable with any GPU/accelerator, we know that is easier said then done. However with more options coming onto the market, having that flexibility can be a strong growth strategy.

Can CR8DL Help You?

Facing these challenges can seem daunting, but with the right approach and partner, they can be navigated successfully. At CR8DL, we pride ourselves on understanding and addressing your unique needs in the machine learning era. We offer solutions that propel your vision and business forward with a responsive support team on your side.

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If you’re looking for a knowledgeable partner to streamline your Cloud GPU experience, speak with our solutions team today. Schedule a call with Ben.